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What Your IRS Tax Notice Really Means

If you’ve received a notice from the IRS it could mean a myriad of things from a miscalculated credit to notice of intent to take further collection action. Generally, IRS notices have a number in the right hand corner that may start with the letters CP. This is the first indicator of what the letter is in regards to.

Often, receipt of an IRS notice can be resolved without taking much action at all. In most cases the letter will outline necessary steps required to address the outstanding issue. The worst thing to do is ignore the notice. This could cause an undue escalation in the nature of your tax problem(s), as well as expose you to potential fees that could otherwise be avoided.

If you what like an in-depth explanation of a letter you recently received from the IRS, please click the link below. If after learning of your tax matter you require additional assistance, contact Advantage Tax Services, Inc at (866) 606-3579. You will be connected with a licensed tax professional that can further assist you. IRS Notices and Letters


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