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Individuals and Businesses that have outstanding tax liabilities, face audit, or have unfiled back taxes could face severe penalties, to include seizure of assets, in some cases. Advantage Tax Services, Inc. provides expert tax debt resolution services that assist tax payers in receiving the best possible resolution offered by the IRS, to include possible settlements that allow tax payers to pay up to 90% less than what they owe.

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Our Services

Tax Debt

Settling tax debt for less than
what's expected.


We will represent you in front of the IRS if you're undergoing an audit.

Levy and
Garnishment Release

If your assets or bank account has been levied or garnished, we work to get your money/assets back.

Individual Tax preparation

Business Credit Assistance

Our Client's Reviews

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Saved over $175,000 in Tax Debt

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Saved over $35,000 in Tax Debt

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